Let me ask you a question…

When you read the first line of a travel story about Africa, does your mind wander to fond trips of your own?

Can you feel the salty wind on your face when you look at an image of a deserted beach in Namibia?

Does inspiration strike when you hear evocative music from East Africa?

When you look at a video clip of a leopard stalking, do you yearn to see that leopard in the flesh? And how many times does your heart leap when the leopard finally makes its chase?

If any of the above seems familiar, I’d like to introduce you to Safari – an interactive travel experience that embraces all of your senses.

Like a majestic bull elephant emerging over the dusty horizon, Safari will cause your mind to drift and your heart rate to soar.

Let your screen become your window into Africa, where the morning mist frosts up your fingers as you uncover the stories that remind you of winter in the motherland.

And the heat of the dry sun permeates the room from thoughts of the Kalahari in summer.

Africa evokes like no other… and so, shall Safari.

About Paul Steyn

Paul Steyn spends his days submerged in the world of digital story telling. When coming up for air, he prefers it to be somewhere in the middle of the wilderness. He is obsessed with finding new and interesting ways to distribute content to all those who love and connect with Africa.

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