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Savuti wild dog encounter – one for all and all for one

We were following a pack of wild dogs to the north of Savuti camp on a late October afternoon.  We know this pack as the Zib pack, their name coming from a local name for a nearby lagoon.  The dogs had all twelve of their puppies with them, and were moving steadily through some woodland.  …

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A Warthog Hunt

In northern Botswana, the rainy season is the time when many animals have their babies.  The carnivores of the area know this, and will often concentrate their efforts on catching these young animals. Keen to visit Botswana? Check out Ngoma Safari Lodge, one of Africa Geographic’s Special Places.

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Grant Atkinson

Upsizing The Meal

African wild dogs are big predators of impala in most areas where the ranges of the two species overlap.  Whilst the average impala will feed a small pack of dogs for a day, larger packs need more food.  They can try to kill more impala, and this happens quite frequently with successful packs.  They can …

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A Little Leopard Learns a Big Lesson

A female leopard that we see quite often killed an impala close to Savuti camp.  After a couple of hours of feeding, she moved off for a while, only to return with her subadult female cub in tow.  The youngster is close to two years old (and not really a cub any longer), and partially …

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A Deadly Game

Working with Andy Biggs on one of his special interest photographic safaris in Botswana, Grant Atkinson and fellow trip leader and photographer James Weis were lucky enough to be witness to this spectacular life and death struggle between elephant and spotted hyaena. The pictures tell a very dramatic tale! Keen to visit Botswana? Check out …

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