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Thieves, Chiefs and Okavango dreaming!

9th -14th  November  A spot of bad luck. One of the great things about this road trip is seeing how the terrain changes. Heading into the Kavango region and things are looking a lot greener than the warm hues I left behind. Unfortunately, all this beauty has been slightly marred by theft. In Rundu, a …

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Hyaenas Under My Bed?

The piercing screams of a distressed elephant are not the ideal interruption to a peaceful sleep. I awoke to this devilish cacophony and glanced at my watch. It was half past 3 in the morning. Angry trumpeting and the thundering of pachyderm feet through water accompanied the screaming. I calculated blearily that the splashes must …

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The elephant with strange tusks!

I came across this elephant family recently on Chiefs Island in the Okavango Delta. I couldn’t help but notice the female of the group had very oddly-shaped tusks. By looking at one of her young, it appears that this deformity is a genetic trait, as the calf has a tusk growing out in a similar …

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A battle in the trees!

Recently, photographer Dana Allen and I found Legadema the leopard with the kill of a young red lechwe below a knob thorn tree. Other guides out on drive told us that three young male lions from the Mporota Pride were moving in her direction. Suddenly, alerted by senses we couldn’t conceive, she leapt up and …

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The black-maned lioness of the Okavango

There is a small pride of lions at Mombo Camp in the Okavango called the Western Pride. One particular female within this pride – known by the locals as Mmamoriri – is very special. She has a dark, full mane, making her appear to be a male! Mombo Camp is situated  on the north-western tip …

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Legadema spotted on the Mombo walkway!

Legadema, the female leopard made world-famous by Dereck and Beverley Joubert in their documentary film, “Eye of the Leopard”, has turned up on the Mombo Camp walkway!  The camp itself is situated in the centre of her territory, so every once in a while we have the experience of seeing her near the camp… but …

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Punch snake love!

I am a light sleeper. Which is why, in the early hours of the morning, I wake up with a jolt upon hearing a cautious but firm “Ah-ha” from the person lying next to me. “What is it, Callum? What’s wrong?” I mutter, rolling over and trying not to shed entirely the comfortable blanket of …

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Okavango Endurance: Day 4

Walking from Coalition Corner to Motswiri tented camp

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