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Storms, snakes and other jungle side shows

‘Without new experiences something within us sleeps. The sleeper must awaken.’ – Frank Herbert I was sitting in my tent at Ndzieh, watching a storm brewing above the trees. I had just spent three days with Magda, working on the community development initiative. Thankfully, it was not all work and no play, as mornings were …

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The Congo Chronicles: A Question of Relativity

 ‘I don‘t like work, no one does, but I like what is in the work, the chance to find yourself’. – Joseph Conrad, Heart of Darkness I arrived back in Yengo after 6 days on the road with a total of 2 showers to find the camp even more luxurious than before: a shower had …

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Congo chronicles

The Congo Chronicles: Entry 30 August

Happy to say that we finally have intermittent reception again. Being this completely isolated – it’s a strange line between living quite happily au natural without your phone, and hoping fervently for a shower of text messages without appearing to do so. The one is liberating, the other superfluous, although it serves to confirm that …

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Congo Chronicles

The Congo Chronicles: A buffalo in the kitchen

‘When you get to the fork in the road, carry on straight…’ – Unknown It has been over two weeks since I arrived in Congo and what an epic adjustment it’s been. Within my first 4 days I had seen my first gorillas, attended my first community meetings and met the president’s wife. My first …

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The Congo Chronicles: Settling in to the Congo

‘We will either find a way or make one’ -Hannibal I have forgotten that the term ‘road’ in Africa can often be kind of relative. Was reminded of that yesterday while driving with the Project Manager and his wife, Leon and Christelle, to the camp of this incredible Spanish primatologist, Magda, who has been working …

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