The African darter & the BIG fish

The African darter is an amazing bird. It is also known as the ‘snake bird’ because of his long neck that sticks out of the water when he swims. He eats mainly fish and catches them under water.

I was at an awesome sighting in the Kruger National Park, where this African darter was fishing. He caught many fish…but one was really big!!!

After catching it, he climbed up a branch to eat the fish. I didn’t think he would be able to swallow that big fish. But he amazed me, and actually swallowed it!!!

Although the light wasn’t perfect for photos, I think I managed to get some nice ones and a nice story.

My cousin was there with me and he took this video of it.


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  • Andy Wassung

    How the pip did he swallow that fish!!! Gives you a little lump in your throat. Great little post and great to see so much passion in someone so young! :)