Honey Badger Kills Massive Python!

Honey badgers are known to be the most fearless animal in Africa. Today it was once again proved why.

© Anton Walker

We were driving down the road in the Sabi Sands Game reserve when we came across a honey badger attempting to drag a massive four-metre python through the grass.

Fortunately, the python was so big that the honey badger was unable to find suitable cover to hide the kill, which meant that we were able to whiteness the incredible tenacity of this small predator dragging a kill five times its own size. This equates to a single Male lion killing an animal as big a black rhino bull!

© Anton Walker

© Anton Walker

© Anton Walker

© Anton Walker

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  • Brrtt_ln

    Is the outcome not obvious?

  • Gaylard

    Hi and thanks for the story/pics, but have a question. Why are you so sure the Badger killed the Python? It could have come across a dead python and decided to keep it for dinner.

    • http://www.facebook.com/sarita.pulton Sarita Pulton

      because everybody loves David v/s Goliath remakes….

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Judy-Beyer/681611986 Judy Beyer

    Honey badger 1, python 0

  • whirlwindwoo

    Oh that honey badger is lucky, it would usually coil round the badger and start swallowing it must have bit the back of the pythons head, tricky i would say.

  • Blaine Hislop

    actually, in the evening, a python would be terribly vulnerable to a honey badger. During the height of day, you’d have to lean towards the python – but it is not necessarily an automatic win for the reptile. Badgers are exceptionally quick and pack a lot of firepower into their small frames; they can inflict a considerable amount of damage upon a large snake in a hurry – but I would lean towards a large python being able to envelop and suffocate a honey badger during that time of day when temperatures are warmest. Nonetheless, honey badgers can most certainly kill pythons in the evening and frequently do.

  • esther

    wau thats phenomenon!