Welgevonden – An African Wilderness Reborn

By Kate Polley

Distinguished photographer, Ian Finlay’s coffee table book, ‘Welgevonden – An African Wilderness Reborn’, was launched this year in February.

This glossy, collectable book is a culmination of Finlay’s decade long passion for Welgevonden, a game reserve in Limpopo, which forms part of the magnificent UNESCO Waterberg Biosphere. Each photograph documents the rich variety of wildlife, which flourishes within the reserve, whilst the rugged landscape of varying seasons and moods, provides a majestic backdrop to Finlay’s artistry.

Welgevonden - An African Wilderness Reborn Ian Finlay

© Ian Finlay

‘I first saw Welgevonden one morning in early 1977. I had recently driven from Northern Kenya to the Cape of Good Hope, and had experienced many great wildlife reserves of east and southern Africa along the way. But in Welgevonden I discovered a natural world unlike any I had seen before – a landscape of extraordinary variety and beauty, of rugged escarpments, of secluded wooded valleys and clear streams, of summer waterfalls cascading down red stone gorges, of rolling grassland plains, of limitless views over folds of receding hills … I remember that morning seeing a group of white rhinos. Among them was a young one, inquisitive and playful, to watch these great and ancient animals grazing quietly and safely in the Welgevonden landscape was somehow to sense the future of conservation in South Africa. I decided that day that Welgevonden was a place in Africa to be. This book is the result’

Welgevonden - An African Wilderness Reborn Ian Finlay

© Ian Finlay

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More about the author:

Ian has been photographing wildlife since his boyhood in Ireland. After travelling and photographing extensively in southern Africa, he first visited Welgevonden in 1997. As well as his work with wildlife, Ian Finlay’s photography has included a book on Dublin and award winning album covers for U2. He has also exhibited at the Photographer’s Gallery in London.

The book is available at retailers throughout South Africa at a suggested retail price of R350.00.

Welgevonden - An African Wilderness Reborn Ian Finlay

© Ian Finlay

Welgevonden - An African Wilderness Reborn

© Ian Finlay

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  • anna

    Unique and full of passion! Unforgettable experience of touching wildlife ! Thank you…

  • Ray Mulder

    I have been to Welgevonden dozens of times as my brother has a part share in site 9.
    This is a truly beautiful game park and very well run.
    Should be good book.
    Much Success

  • Gigi Doherty

    The book is a complete representation of what one will find on the reserve, from miniscule flowers to magnificent elephants. Absolutely spectacular photos.