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Cape Agulhas to Mossel Bay

Grant Christie continues his walk around South Africa’s coastline with an intense stretch between Cape Agulhas, with one of the longest beaches in the southern hemisphere, and Mossel Bay.

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Trekking for trash

Did you know that it takes three million steps to cover a distance of 3 000 kilometres? Social change adventurers Michael Baretta and Camilla Howard know all about it, with every last step their bruised and shin-splinted legs have taken over the past seven months. After 3 000 kilometres, they finally kicked off their shoes …

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Karibu Tanzania!

Processing the boat and us into Tanzania was nothing short of smooth and efficient. Mtwara is southern Tanzania’s largest town and we motored into it late in the night, finding a safe little anchorage next to a large that was preparing to head out to the offshore oil platforms. The next morning, we swiftly headed …

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Getting our groove back

Inhambane, Mozambique, was not going to make it easy for us to just leave her in one easy swoop. No sooner had we loaded the boat up with some of our heavier clobber from the beach, the heavens decided to open up, again, and dump half of Africa’s annual rainfall onto our heads. Ok, maybe …

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Kicking Tofo Sand

After the craziness that was Tofo over the Christmas season, things have finally begun to calm down to a nice peaceful pace. Gone are the drumming and thronging of car engines and sound stereos. They have been replaced by the buzzing of the generators as power dips in and out and we settle into our …

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Whales and the greenpeace warrior

Whales and the Warrior

 I have spent nearly 4 years with Greenpeace at sea. These years have brought many interesting encounters and experiences, but nothing’s been quite like yesterday. Off the Eastern coast of South Africa, the coast line is called the wild coast. And from the sea, you can clearly tell why the name sticks. Green pastures coming …

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Searching for the elusive Sousa & the mythical sawfish – Part I.

- ‘Where are you off to?’ – ‘Guinea-Bissau’ Queue quizzical look, which led me to explain that Guinea-Bissau (hereafter GB) was a small country to the south of Senegal, on the coast of West Africa. Quizzical look replaced by a blank nod.Very few people have heard of GB, or know anything about it, yet this …

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Reaching Mozambique

Grim faces woke up in the early morning of what had been a very wonderful few days’ sail up the coast. None of us really wanted to really believe it, but our engine had again stopped working, and we were now at the mercy of the wind and currant, sitting just shy of our destination …

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Lo Entropy and the Crew are Back in the Game!

Expeditions have a way of bringing out a side of people that we might not see otherwise, and which renew our faith in each other time and again. They bring out the selfless actions that expect no reciprocation, people that are willing to go out of their way to lend a hand, often at their …

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Head to Head with Zambezi Sharks

Having faced an uphill battle in our first two weeks, our luck has begun to change. We have identified the problems with the engine and we have acquired a very talented cameraman. Richard is from the Good Picture Company, making all of us look good and adding a wonderful energy into the team. We have …

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