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Rhino horn trade conference “tells it like it is”

The controversial OSCAP conference, entitled ‘Risk Assessment of Rhino Horn Trade’ ended yesterday on a positive note. The participants agreed to work together to ensure that all South Africans were made aware of the risks associated with legalising rhino horn trade.

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Photographing the Masai Mara with Albie Venter

Albie Venter loves the Masai Mara, Kenya – he says that being able to witness and photograph nature’s incredible events in this stunning area is a worthy addition to anyone’s bucket list.

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Head of CITES says no to rhino trade

An interview with the CITES Secretary-General, John E. Scanlon, about trade in wildlife products and poaching of wild animals.

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Book Review: Wildlife Photographer… Stories from Behind the Lens

Wildlife Photographer… Stories From Behind The Lens is a free downloadable book in which Martin Harvey has selected 25 luminously beautiful and dramatic images from his stock of photographs.

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Artist retreat for elephants

A group of artists, specialising in wildlife, gather to create greater awareness about elephant poaching in Africa.

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Why did South Africa skip a vital conference on illegal wildlife trade?

In London last week, international media scrambled to cover the high-level and much anticipated international conference on illegal wildlife trade. However, there was one notable absentee, namely South Africa.

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Tanzania sacks wildlife director over incompetence

The Tanzanian government has announced the sacking of the director for wildlife, Alexander Songorwa, for failure to do his work properly.

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White House announces ban on ivory trade

The United States announced a National Strategy for Combating Wildlife Trafficking as well as a ban on the commercial trade of elephant ivory.

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6 things you’ll love about the Kalahari

The Kalahari Desert spans across Botswana, South Africa and Namibia; a total of over 900 000 square kilometres. Here are just six things we think you will love about this vast area.

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Life sentence for poachers

The Kenyan parliament has passed a new bill that calls on a life sentence as punishment for wildlife poachers.

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