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Africa’s greatest animal dads

Having recently celebrated a first Father’s Day with our baby son it got me thinking that fathers in the animal kingdom often get a bad rap but surely there must be some good dads?  So, here are the prize winners for the best animal dads, native to Africa. Award for the most protective dad – …

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Running with the Dogs

2010 has been a good year for African wild dogs in some of the most northern of Botswana’s wildlife areas. At least three different packs raised pups in the Linyanti and Selinda concessions. Wild dog movements become somewhat restricted during the denning period. Even after the new pups come out of the den, the packs …

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Wild Dogs and Cites

CITES is holding its 15th meeting of the Conference of the Parties in Qatar in March 2010. To date, there is nothing on the provisional agenda that deals specifically with the conservation status of African wild dogs. Given their precarious future, it is unacceptable that the species continues to remain unlisted by CITES. And as a …

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Wild, Wild Dogs

One of my favourite animals is the African wild dog. Few other creatures have the energy to spare that the wild dog has. On a recent trip to Chitabe camp in the Okavango, we had the good fortune to encounter a pack of approximately 16 wild dogs late one afternoon. We spent an hour and …

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