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Tips for driving in sand

Driving in sand will “cross your path” at some stage if you drive off-road at all in Southern Africa. Here are a few useful tips for driving in sand that may make the experience a little easier and give you some peace of mind.

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Tips for a great gorilla trekking experience

There are many factors to consider before booking your gorilla trekking experience, this blogger gives some useful tips for you to make the most of this once in a lifetime trip.

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Getting the most out of TripAdvisor

If there’s one online platform all establishments HAVE to be involved in, it’s TripAdvisor. This blog post could never address all you need to know, but I will tell you what, why and how and give you a few tips. As for the rest, get stuck in and find out for yourself. What is it? …

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10 Unbelievably Easy Ways To Save The Planet in 2013

For many people, the New Year brings a list of ambitious new year’s resolutions.Resolutions which are often unrealistic and thus discarded by early February. However, if you have grand ideas about saving the planet this year, first of all, I salute you and second of all, I bring you the back-up plan, just in case life …

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How to Drive Safely and Protect Wildlife this Holiday Season

‘Tis the season to be jolly, unfortunately, ’tis also the season for an increased number of motor vehicle accidents. At this time of year most of us are accustomed to the various Arrive Alive campaigns that warn of the potential perils that may besiege us humans on the roads, however scant attention is paid to …

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Chris Martin Wildlife Photography

Wildlife photography: Chris Martin’s top tips

Sharing views, sharing images, sharing tips and techniques … for me that is the essence of photography. Pro and amateur alike … we will all learn from each other and we never stop learning.  So this week I wanted to look at my “Top 10 tips” on how to capture better wildlife images. Nothing within …

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