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The elephant killing fields of Selous

Some 481 miles to the southeast of Tanzania’s iconic Serengeti National Park lies the lesser well-known Selous Game Reserve. But for many species in the Selous, all is far from well. Results from a wildlife census conducted in October and November, 2013, show a dramatic decline in elephants in particular.

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Ban on ivory imports into the USA

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has announced the intention to stop all commercial trade in African elephant tusks and rhino horn, starting with a suspension on the importation into USA of sport-hunted African elephant trophies taken in Tanzania and Zimbabwe.

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Tanzania’s exploding waters

Tanzania is one country along the East African coastline where dynamite or blast fishing still occurs with massive regularity explains Linda Markovina.

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Amazing Tanzanian local culture experience

Tanzania is well known as one of the best safari destinations in Africa but Tanzania is not only about wildlife and nature. A visit to Tanzania is not complete without meeting the local people and experiencing some of their culture.

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Tanzania sacks wildlife director over incompetence

The Tanzanian government has announced the sacking of the director for wildlife, Alexander Songorwa, for failure to do his work properly.

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21 Tanzanian officials suspended over poaching claims

Tanzania’s Ministry of Natural Resources and Tourism has suspended 21 Wildlife Department staff for allegedly colluding with poachers to kill elephants.

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Amboni Caves and Lake Chala

Ovelanders Patrick an Chloe visit Lake Chala and the Amboni Caves in Tanzania.

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From coast to mountains in Tanzania

Follow these overlanders as they travel from the coast to the mountains in Tanzania.

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What’s a camel worth?

Interview with the Maasai and Samburu tribes to determine their views on owning cows vs. camels accordingly to practicality and tradition.

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The streets of Stone Town in Zanzibar

Zanzibar, with all its clichés that make it out to be the ultimate travel destination, is even better than these travellers expected.

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