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Make the most of a winter safari

Winters in the African bush are a truly special time. Yes it may be a little chilly during winter, but the incredible game viewing is absolutely worth it and all you need is a warm jacket and a hot beverage to keep you cozy and warm.

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On safari with Robin Pope

Robin Pope is probably the most experienced and respected safari operator in the whole of Africa. His speciality is mobile camping and walking safaris, but his superb permanent camps and bush lodges are unrivalled.

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A walk on the wildside

There’s an added dimension of excitement and anticipation when walking through the bush as opposed to embarking on the typical game drive.

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Looking out for the little things

A game drive safari should not only be about the big five but the small creatures as well. Here are some often-forgotten animals in the African bush.

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Why Malawi is ideal for your next family holiday

We believe that Malawi might just offer that perfect mix of off the beaten track adventures, cultural interaction, safari, adventure and a safe and welcoming environment for your next family holiday!

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The 25 best guides in Africa

Safari guides hold it in their hands to make or break dreams, yet finding a good one can be vexing for the uninitiated. Graham Boynton has spent 18 months traveling through the bush with guides in 6 countries to come up with this list of his 25 top safari guides.

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4 African cats you’d be lucky to see on safari

Here are 4 of Africa’s smaller cat species you’d be lucky to see on safari. These elusive wild cats, highly specialised for their own survival, are often categorised as vermin and persecuted as such.

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5 safety questions to ask when going on a guided safari

While a guided safari may sound the safest option for the newbie safari goer there are some questions you should ask be asking before you book your trip.

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Socialising your safari

This blogger embarks on an adventure to the Kgalagadi and meets some new friends along the way. She share her tips on how to socialise while on safari.

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Spotting the elusive leopard in the Pilanesberg

Until a recent trip to Pilanesberg National Park, this travel writer had never seen the elusive leopard. We follow him as he comes face to face with a leopard for the first time.

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