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Film stars campaign for rhinos

American film stars campaign for rhinos in an effort to create poaching awareness through famous figures by using their social media platforms.

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Elephant charges car in Kruger National Park

2012 Round-Up: The top 10 posts from the AG blog

Over the year we’ve published a variety of on-the-ball news stories, funny animal antics, photography sequences and general interest pieces. This is a round-up of the most-visited blog posts of 2012… 10. Did you know that dassies can sing?  Stand-Up Comedians  showcases the hilarious vocal calls of rock hyraxes. 9. The title speaks for itself.  Botswana Will …

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No Case for Legalizing the Ivory Trade

 Over the past few months there has been significant input into the debate about rhino horn that provides further compelling evidence against trade in this beleaguered wildlife commodity.   To begin with we had the release of two separate reports by international conservation agencies. The first, ‘Making a Killing’, was compiled by the International Fund …

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Mark Knopfler opposes rhino poaching

Mark Knopfler speaks out against rhino poaching

“I’ll never forget the day my father came home from work to tell us that one of his colleagues, a supposedly educated man, had said: “What do I care if the rhino becomes extinct?” I was a young teenager then and today this is a very real danger.  Due to man’s greed we may well …

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unite against poaching, rhinos

Unite Against Poaching: 1 Year of Helping Rhinos

The Low Down If you read Africa Geographic’s special rhino issue a few months back, or have even vaguely followed the news over the past few years, you know that rhinos around the world are in dire straits. Poachers have been targeting rhinos for their highly valued horns in response to an increased demand for …

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50/50 Episode 4, 2 July 2012

Rhino Drama Continues… In a conservancy near the Kruger National Park, the number of rhinos that have lost their lives to rhino poachers has been high. Now Atile and her new calf, Bina, are in danger of losing their lives. However, the reserve managers are determined not to let this happen and are pinning their …

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Top Notch!

There’s no way I can sit here and write something that does justice to the efforts people are making to protect and conserve our rhinos, that really gets to the heart of the emotion and sense of communal purpose that drives them… but I’ll try! And, there’s no more fitting day to do that than …

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