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Opening of Maputo Special Reserve headquarters

Marking a milestone in the development of Maputo Special Reserve, its headquarters were opened by the Mozambican Minister of Tourism, Mr Carvalho Muaria on Friday, 14 February 2014.

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Searching for turtles…

Join us as we join a private turtle nesting beach drive in the Ponta do Ouro Partial Marine Reserve in Mozambique.

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Safety update for those travelling to Mozambique

The African Travel and Tourism Association (ATTA) have responded to several articles in the European press regarding safety updates for travellers to Mozambique, saying that they are “inaccurately reporting” on the unrest. Read their safety update here.

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In Mozambique, the Meager Opulence of Rhino Poaching

Original source: internationalboulevard.com In the poacher towns of Mozambique that border South Africa’s enormous Kruger National Park, young men hand-thread the barrels of old rifles to fit them with silencers, then slip barefoot across the border into South Africa to shoot endangered rhinos for their horns. Back home, they build ‘mansions’ in their hometowns’ millionaires …

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Getting our groove back

Inhambane, Mozambique, was not going to make it easy for us to just leave her in one easy swoop. No sooner had we loaded the boat up with some of our heavier clobber from the beach, the heavens decided to open up, again, and dump half of Africa’s annual rainfall onto our heads. Ok, maybe …

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Giant Manta with remora leison

Myths about manta rays

Africa Geographic’s scientific editor, Tim Jackson, catches up with Andrea Marshall, director of the Marine Megafauna Association in Mozambique, and asks her about the top five myths that loads of people seem to believe about mantas. Myth 1: When giving birth, mantas eject their babies like popcorn. There is a famous communication from 1916, in the days …

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Shark finning in Mozambique

Mozambiquan dive instructor and documentary film maker Carlos Macuacua is on a mission to raise awareness about the plight of precious marine species.  Carlos understands the importance of educating local communities in Mozambique about marine conservation and ecosystems: After producing the documentary Shiver: shark finning in Mozambique, Carlos is now looking to expand his work …

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Children in the wilderness kruger national park

A brighter future: day 3 of a Children in the Wilderness camp

I awoke to the smoky smell of Maltabella oats, and had to look around some to see that I wasn’t on a boarding school camp in the Drakensberg. After a few helpings, sitting out on the damp deck (the rain must have come again in the night), Brett presented another angle on the circle of …

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Another rhino bust

Late yesterday afternoon, police made another breakthrough in their fight against rhino poaching when they arrested three suspected poachers in Mookgophong (formerly known as Naboomspruit), in Limpopo Province. Acting on information passed to them, the suspects were caught in possession of an R5 rifle making it a strong possibility they are some of the lead …

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