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What happened to Nicky the baby rhino?

We follow up with Nicky, the blind baby rhino that was featured on the last episode of BBC’s Africa series.

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The black rhinos of Lewa

Dale Morris met the wonderful Anna Merz who put him in his place when it came to understanding the beautiful black rhinos of Lewa.

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A (Disappointing) Update on Nicky’s Scheduled Surgery

Original source: Lewa Wildlife Conservancy Yesterday (February 26th), Lewa’s baby rhino Nicky, who is blinded by cataracts, was scheduled to have an operation that would help him regain some of his sight. The surgery, scheduled to take place at the nearby ranch of Ol Jogi, was to be carried out by a specialty optical veterinary …

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The Blind Baby Rhino

Nicky, now four months old, was born blind – but that doesn’t diminish his playful and curious nature! While on safari in the Lewa Wildlife Conservancy in Kenya we spent an incredible couple of hours with Nicky. The young black rhino was asleep under a blanket when we first arrived, but he soon woke up …

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