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A tale of a leopard’s tail

Adorable images of a mischievous leopard cub using its mother’s tail as a play toy.

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Phenomenal big cat sightings in Klaserie

The month of March has proved to be phenomenal in terms of sightings of big cats, delighting both rangers and guests at the Klaserie Private Nature Reserve.

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The persistent leopard and her kills

This photographer watches a persistent leopard make three kills for her cubs with various degrees of success.

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Leopard and hyena share a meal

Now here is something we definitely don’t see everyday: a leopard and hyenas sharing a meal in the Masai Mara.

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Leopard chases bat-eared fox

A leopard chases a bat-eared fox down the burrow in the Kgalagadi.

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Spotting the elusive leopard in the Pilanesberg

Until a recent trip to Pilanesberg National Park, this travel writer had never seen the elusive leopard. We follow him as he comes face to face with a leopard for the first time.

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The flying leopard

A leopard flies into the air to catch a guineafowl dinner for her two cubs.

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5 sexy facts you didn’t know about leopards

On page 31 of the Africa Geographic October 2013 issue, Don Pinnock encounters some loved-up leopards. Following on from that article, here are 5 facts that we bet you didn’t know about the leopard mating ritual!

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Mother and leopard cub get unwanted visitors

By the time we neared the sighting spot, the two leopards disappeared into some incredibly thick bush along the river. I asked Kevin what my best approach was and he said that I should try get down into the river.

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Leopard stalks pangolin

A rare series of photographs of a pangolin being stalked by a leopard in Botswana.

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