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Young scientist brings the ocean ashore in False Bay

We have the privilege of seeing the deep blue wilderness through the eyes of scientist Lauren De Vos. It’s hard to believe that Lauren grew up so far from the ocean, in the city of Johannesburg, one would sooner have believed that she was brought up with mermaids and seals.

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Falling for False Bay

Getting to know your study subject is a touchy subject in science… The very word ‘anthropomorphising’ will send shudders of horror down the spine of many an objective, pipette-toting lover of all that is rational and measurable. Staying immune, however, is often easier said than done. Take for instance Dr Jane Goodall, a scientist who …

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Sharing the Wonder of the Sea

I can’t quite remember exactly when it was that I came to fall in love with our oceans. Rather than experiencing a lightning-bolt flash of recognition, a moment where I thought, ‘This is where I want to be. This is what I want to do with my life,’ the ocean has been a loyal but …

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A Sunburnt Scientist

Lauren De Vos abandoned the land-locked Highveld to pursue a career exploring South Africa’s seas. It’s proving to be quite a journey. She shares its surfaces and depths. It’s quite a distance from the dusty Highveld of my childhood to the emergence of a research career in the stormy seas that make the Cape coast …

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Orcas hunting common dolphins in Gansbaai, South Africa

The best thing about working on the ocean is never knowing what you will find. Thanks to Kira Matiwane and Katja Vinding-Petersen for spotting this incredible encounter. Never before has this predatory behaviour been documented in Gansbaai! Orcas hunting common dolphins in Gansbaai, South Africa.  Check out more about these incredible 5 000 kg orcas …

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Orca whales in False Bay

Making a splash: orcas in False Bay

By David Hurwitz The dolphins were leaping, splashing and rapidly changing direction, I knew that this panic could only mean one thing – the orcas have arrived! Orca sightings in False Bay are exceptionally rare. Occasional reports come in from fishermen and other mariners, but most people are unaware of the existence of orcas in …

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