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Rhino horn trade conference “tells it like it is”

The controversial OSCAP conference, entitled ‘Risk Assessment of Rhino Horn Trade’ ended yesterday on a positive note. The participants agreed to work together to ensure that all South Africans were made aware of the risks associated with legalising rhino horn trade.

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The ‘inconvenient’ luxury of endangered wildlife in Asia

We examine the use of rhino horn in Asia in terms of it being a luxury goods product. With a record 1004 rhinos killed in South Africa in 2013, rhino horn sells for as much as US$80 000/kg on the black market, double the price of gold.

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9 common myths from pro-rhino horn trade advocates

Let’s take a look at the nine most common myths perpetuated by rhino horn trade advocates.

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Beware of the bureaucratic failings of legalised trade

Martina Polley interviews Mary Rice, the Executive Director of the Environmental Investigation Agency, about elephants and the ivory trade.

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Four African nations spurn ivory sales

The leaders of four African nations have pledged to honour a 10-year moratorium on sales of ivory.

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With a New Year in China comes a new campaign

The Chinese New Year saw the launch of a widespread public awareness campaign, urging people not to buy ivory as gifts and return peace to elephants.

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Hong Kong to consider destroying ivory stockpiles

Hong Kong is to reconsider proposals to destroy its 33 tonne ivory stockpile, following a symbolic decision by Beijing to crush its confiscated ivory for the first time.

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China to destroy ivory

The Chinese government plans to destroy several tons of confiscated ivory and other wildlife products demonstrating the Chinese government’s commitment in combatting the multi-billion dollar illegal wildlife trade.

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Anti-elephant poaching story goes viral in China

A newspaper story about the impact of the ivory trade has gone viral in China, raising awareness among millions of Chinese, reports the Wildlife Conservation Society.

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Only 6 signatures – how successful was the Botswana Elephant Conference?

In the wake of the Elephant Summit held in Botswana in early December where urgent measures to halt the rampant illegal ivory trade were adopted one is left asking if it is enough?

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