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Rhino games

Holiday-maker and photographer, Rory Bruins, talks about an uplifting and wonderful encounter with some of Botswana’s beautiful rhinos.

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Olympic rings

African animal Olympians: smashing records!

Okay, so Olympic athletes are awesome. Throughout history, Olympians have striven to push their physical limits, compete and break records.  But what about creatures in the animal kingdom who push their limits every day, for no glory whatsoever? Well, looking at the current Olympic records for these disciplines, we’re pretty convinced our animal friends would …

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Baby elephant

The gauntlet of the Manyeleti game reserve

The lodge I worked at in the Manyeleti had no fence around the entire lodge and staff village which allowed EVERY kind of animal to wander through, and oh boy how they liked to walk through… At least once a week we had a young bull elephant that would come and play havoc with the …

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Southern African hedgehogs: life in a prickly skin!

Cute … kind of ugly … spiny… delightful … adorable – I find it hard not to love hedgehogs! So here’s a bit more about these too oft-ignored little creatures… Stranger Danger! The Southern African hedgehog’s most distinguished feature is the sharp-tipped spines that cover its body like armor. An adult has about 5,000 of …

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Africa’s greatest animal dads

Having recently celebrated a first Father’s Day with our baby son it got me thinking that fathers in the animal kingdom often get a bad rap but surely there must be some good dads?  So, here are the prize winners for the best animal dads, native to Africa. Award for the most protective dad – …

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Leopard Timbavati South Africa

A love of leopards

I have just finished another shortened work stint in the Lowveld, and I realised two things:  firstly, winter is almost over and I am still wearing my short shorts (okay, it’s only a third of the way through, but I am trying to be positive here!) and secondly, I really do love leopards. And before …

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Springbok: The Kgalagadi’s kangaroos

Antidorcas marsupialis stands about 80 cm high and is able to run up to 90 km/hour. It is also able to leap 3.5 m high and stot, pronk or jump 15 m. Hell, I wish I could do that. But I am not a Springbok. The ‘marsupialis bit of the Springbok’s latin name refers to the blind fold or …

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Top 10 favourite sounds of the African bushveld

Whilst watching a wildlife documentary on the TV the other night I was struck by just how I missed the sounds of the African bushveld.  Living in a city, miles away from my beloved Africa it struck me how emotive those sounds were and it created a real longing in me; a longing to be …

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Cheetah in the waterberg

Encounters of the spotted kind

The sun at this time of the year in the Waterberg is irresistible and the warmth of it on our backs, coupled with the glass of wine over lunch, kept us all lingering on the deck well after our meal was finished. But soporific as we all felt, our small party were all on our …

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Gecko TV – night time entertainment in the Kgalagadi

The African bush comes alive at night time. The heat seeps away, the crickets crank up their violins and those further down in the food pyramid stare wide-eyed into the blackness and ready themselves for their endless night vigil. Nostrils flare, ears pivot constantly and big cats with rumbling bellies begin to stir. The Kgalagadi is no exception. Early evenings are beautiful. It is …

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