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R255 million donation for anti-rhino poaching

The Howard G. Buffett Foundation, the Nature Conservation Trust and South African National Parks announced an historic R255 million, three-year initiative to combat rhino poaching in Kruger National Park and test anti-poaching tactics that can be applied in other regions of Africa.

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Looking out for the little things

A game drive safari should not only be about the big five but the small creatures as well. Here are some often-forgotten animals in the African bush.

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Self-driving Africa: How not to get lost

Self-driving Africa has got to be the most rewarding way to see this incredible continent, here are some tips and tricks on how not to get lost while self-driving Africa.

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Giraffes: Now you see them – soon you won’t!

Giraffe are everywhere – aren’t they? This wide spread presumption of abundance is just one of the misconceptions that have lead one of Africa’s most iconic species to slip under the conservationists’ radar.

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Enter the Mzanzi Trophy for the African adventure of a lifetime

This could be the adventure you’ve been looking for. The Mzanzi Trophy is an exhilarating road trip unlike any other.

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A sports academy for Zambia’s orphans

The Nomad Sports Academy is the only sports academy for orphans and underprivileged children in Zambia, offering these children not only a place to sleep and eat, but a chance to do something amazing with their lives.

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The 25 best guides in Africa

Safari guides hold it in their hands to make or break dreams, yet finding a good one can be vexing for the uninitiated. Graham Boynton has spent 18 months traveling through the bush with guides in 6 countries to come up with this list of his 25 top safari guides.

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10 fascinating facts about elephants

It is up to us to save elephants. To do this we have to start with education and knowledge, so in light of that here are 10 facts everyone should know about elephants.

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Augrabies Falls National Park

Scott Ramsay visits the Augrabies Falls National Park and discovers some of the best scenery in South Africa.

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Four African nations spurn ivory sales

The leaders of four African nations have pledged to honour a 10-year moratorium on sales of ivory.

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