Rules of blogging

1. Cite Your Sources

If you refer to someone else’s work please cite their name and provide a link to the original source.  This relates to ‘copyright’ and ‘fair use’ laws.  Google those terms and get to understand them.

2.  Ask Permission

If you plan to copy more than a few words or phrases from someone else, it’s best to err on the side of caution and ask them for permission.  Asking permission also applies to the use of someone else’s images and video clips.  And of course you must again provide the copyright information in your post.

3.  Play Nice

Remember that Africa Geographic is a global brand and you never know who might read your post.  Express your opinion by all means but don’t risk being accused of libel. Also avoid sarcasm, bullying and aggression.

4.  Don’t pretend to speak for Africa Geographic

This is your post but our blog ecosystem.  Take ownership and responsibility for your own words and don’t pass them off as our words or viewpoint.  Your material copyright is protected under our disclaimer, but this does not mean that Africa Geographic endorses or is responsible for your words.

5.  Never:

  • Swear or use obscenities/vulgarities
  • Discriminate or generalise based on race, gender, religion or culture
  • Write about politics, sex or religion
  • Insult any person, organisation or group
  • Encourage the breaking of any law or custom.

6.  Content Review

Africa Geographic takes pride in our publishing standards and so all content submissions are subject to quality review and possible edit.  We also reserve the right to publish content in a format that works best for our blog.