A unique camera gives a different perspective of a pride of wild lions


Parrots and people

The lives of parrots and people have been intimately entwined for centuries, if not millennia. Given the familiarity of many of us with some of Africa’s parrots it may come as a surprise that we still know so little about their lives in the wild.

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A hidden gem in bustling Nairobi

Not venturing too far from home, Aleema decides to re-explore a place she had not been to in many years; The Nairobi National Park.

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A lion show down in the Kgalagadi

During a game drive at Ta Shebube Lodge near Polentswa, Scott Ramsay gets to witness (and photograph) a lion show down between rivals. See the photos here.

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Meet the eels living at Stillbaai Tourism Bureau

Four distinct species of freshwater eels are known in South Africa, two of which have been living in the spring at the Palinggat Homestead – where the Stillbaai Tourism Bureau is located – for the past 125 years.

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Kgalagadi to Mabuasehube adventure

Scott Ramsay goes back towards simplicity with an adventure through the Kgalagadi Transfontier Park to Mabuasehube.

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Baboon spiders: hairy monsters or furry friends?

Baboon spiders are placid, enigmatic animals that would rather keep to themselves than risk an encounter with human beings. And believe it or not, there are people who are fascinated by them…

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road trip namibia

10 need-to-know tips for road tripping Namibia

Travelling through Namibia by car is one of the best ways to explore this extremely vast and beautiful country. The freedom you have to stop anywhere and go anywhere makes self-driving in Namibia extremely rewarding. Here, you’ll find some tips to make the most of your road trip in Namibia.

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Botswana hunting ban takes effect

The Botswana Ministry of Environment, Wildlife and Tourism’s ban on wildlife hunting commenced at the beginning of the year, says ministry spokesperson, Ms Caroline Bogale-Jaiyoba.

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Peeling back the layers of Rwanda

Visiting Rwanda gave this blogger the opportunity to peel back the layers of a country shell-shocked by civil war and genocide where the evils of genetic labeling and propaganda nearly cost the country its soul.

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Kruger elephant couple claims victim role, blames video takers

“Ghouls filmed as we were savaged by an elephant, then left us to die”, says the injured British teacher who begged them to keep the video of an elephant attack in the Kruger private – but they sent it round the world.

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