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10 easy-to-see birds in Hwange

Here is a a list of ten easy to spot birds for any safari visitors out to explore Zimbabwe’s Hwange National Park.

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Following the Zambezi through Zimbabwe

Kerryn and Jeff follow the Zambezi through Zimbabwe to Zambia. Along the way they discover that the hardest thing about travelling in Zimbabwe, is leaving Zimbabwe. Read all about their ups and downs in this blog.

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Travelling to Chundu Island

This blogger leaves Zambia to explore Chundu Island in the Zambezi River on the Zimbabwe side of Victoria Falls.

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What to expect on an elephant back safari

During a camping trip through Africa, this blogger found herself in Zimbabwe’s Victoria Falls National Park riding an elephant and had these tips to share!

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Elephant ‘tramples to death suspected poacher’

Original source: “A suspected poacher has reportedly been trampled to death by an elephant as he tried to shoot the beast in Zimbabwe. The bloodied remains of Solomon Manjoro were found by rangers after what was thought to be a botched poaching trip at the protected Charara safari area inside a national park. Zimbabwe’s …

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Victory for Animal Welfare: Zimbabwe Releases Captured Baby Elephants

Post courtesy Simon Bloch – Sunday Argus – January 20th 2013 A day after the Zimbabwe Conservation Task Force announced its intention to bring a high court application against the country’s wildlife authority for selling baby elephants to zoos in China, its chairman and animal rights campaigner, Johnny Rodrigues, declared a huge a victory to …

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A Matriarch Goes Missing

A post on behalf of conservationist Sharon Pincott in Hwange: She is huge and majestic. She is astonishingly gentle. And she is the most gracious and dignified of all. She is the adult presidential elephant who, almost 12 years ago now, I named Lady.   I’ve written about her often – ‘Lady of the Estate’; …

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24 Hours in Paradise: A Game Count in Zimbabwe

I’m tired but happy. I’ve counted 14 different species and there are literally hundreds of animals spread out before me, cropping the fresh emerald grass that is sprouting through the black ash left by a veld fire that tore through here a week ago. Zebras are braying everywhere and between the jostling herds are rare …

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End of the road marks the beginning of environmental change…

Tracks of Giants, the epic conservation trek over 5000 kilometres through six southern African countries has come to an end. But the impact of the expedition will have a lasting effect for years to come. Starting on the Namibian coastline on May 01, 2012, the journey saw a team of conservationists travel across southern Africa …

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Presidential Elephants, Zimbabwe

More battles for the Presidential Elephants of Zimbabwe

We featured Sharon Pincott’s conservation work with the Presidential Elephants of Zimbabwe in our March 2011 magazine. Sharon recently released a second book about her ongoing work, titled Battle for the President’s Elephants. Her courageous battles are ongoing. She is currently wrestling against mining proposals within the key home-range of the Presidential Elephants. Add to …

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