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Why Fracking in the Karoo will never happen

Gas might be the solution to Eskom’s ailing coal based power supply, but it won’t be be extracted from Karoo shale.

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Swimming with wild dolphins in Mozambique

Join us as we go swimming with wild dolphins in Mozambique and learn to dance like nobody is watching for a truly magical encounter!

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Searching for turtles…

Join us as we join a private turtle nesting beach drive in the Ponta do Ouro Partial Marine Reserve in Mozambique.

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Reaching Mozambique

Grim faces woke up in the early morning of what had been a very wonderful few days’ sail up the coast. None of us really wanted to really believe it, but our engine had again stopped working, and we were now at the mercy of the wind and currant, sitting just shy of our destination …

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HeroRATS: The Latest Tool in Landmine and Tuberculosis Detection

Landmines and tuberculosis – not two subjects that pop up often in the same sentence. However, as unrelated as they seem, they share one significant common denominator. Both landmines and tuberculosis have widespread, negative consequences for many of Africa’s citizens. However, a little out-of-the-box thinking by a Belgian NGO is changing the face of landmine …

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The Return of Lions to Central Mozambique

By Paola Bouley, Senior Researcher Projecto Leões da Gorongosa – the Gorongosa Lion Project. Alluring, potent, irrevocable – this is Gorongosa – a resilient, wild landscape that is home to Central Mozambique’s core population of African lion, and the focus of one of Africa’s most ambitious large-scale wildlife restoration efforts. That’s why just 8 months …

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End of the road marks the beginning of environmental change…

Tracks of Giants, the epic conservation trek over 5000 kilometres through six southern African countries has come to an end. But the impact of the expedition will have a lasting effect for years to come. Starting on the Namibian coastline on May 01, 2012, the journey saw a team of conservationists travel across southern Africa …

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Meeting face to face in Niassa

Ella was doing her home-schooling work the other day,  a lesson on the five senses. “What is a smell you like?”. “Flowers”, she says. “Ok, well what is a smell you dislike?” With no hesitation, “Dead elephants!”. She’s five and says it like it is and she’s right, I hate it too and the air …

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