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Into Malawi and onto the lake

Jeff and Kerryn continue their African adventure into Malawi where they find a secret campsite on a paradise-like beach at Lake Malawi.

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Malawi, the land of the lake

Patrick and Chloe discover the land of the lake as well as a host of wildlife experiences in Malawi.

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Meeting the Malawians!

Patrick and Chloe cross into Malawi and have friendly interactions with strangers on a daily basis, confirming that Malawi is not called the ‘warm heart of Africa’ for nothing.

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© Tim Jackson, Malawi lion relocation

The Flying Lion Saga

Flying pigs we have come across in our imaginations, but flying lions? While both of these images are counter-intuitive, one imaginary flying mammal has recently taken to the skies in a very real way. And it ain’t the pigs. Malawi’s Majete Game Reserve hasn’t always been a Big Five destination, but thanks to a number …

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Fear of flying, or how Malawi got its new lions

Africa Geographic science editor Tim Jackson isn’t usually scared of flying. But then he isn’t usually sharing a seat with two (partially) sedated lions either.  It’s not every day I get an e-mail asking me to fly to Malawi from South Africa. So when the message came through to visit Majete Game Reserve, I didn’t …

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