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Enter the Mzanzi Trophy for the African adventure of a lifetime

This could be the adventure you’ve been looking for. The Mzanzi Trophy is an exhilarating road trip unlike any other.

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50│50: Anniversary Season: Episode 4

Featured news on 50│50 30th Anniversary Season: Episode 4, 16 September 2013 including lions at Mountain Zebra Park and the GAP program to raise water awareness.

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ivory, apes and peacocks

Ivory, Apes and Peacocks

As promised in my previous post, I have finished reading wildlife film-maker Alan Root’s rollicking autobiography. It’s taken a while, I know, what with magazine deadlines and other office-related matters, but what a roller-coaster ride of a book this is. You’ll laugh, get a lump in your throat, be horrified and, above all, be enthralled …

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Prince William and Harry Visit Botswana - Tusk

Prince William Backs African Conservation Awards

HRH The Duke of Cambridge has agreed to support a new annual award scheme that aims to celebrate outstanding achievement in the field of African conservation. Tusk, the African conservation charity of which Prince William is Royal Patron, has established The Tusk Conservation Awards in partnership with Investec Asset Management. Photo © Chris Jackson and Getty …

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elephant orphanage Zambia, elephant conservation, Zambian Wildlife Authority

Education To Stop Poaching?

Bbbbbbrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. A low rumble resonated in my ears as I shut my eyes. Just for a second I thought I was back in Africa, but the round of applause that erupted brought me back into the room. Rachael was beginning her talk about the work of Game Rangers International and had completely captivated the audience with …

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Elephant charges car in Kruger National Park

2012 Round-Up: The top 10 posts from the AG blog

Over the year we’ve published a variety of on-the-ball news stories, funny animal antics, photography sequences and general interest pieces. This is a round-up of the most-visited blog posts of 2012… 10. Did you know that dassies can sing?  Stand-Up Comedians  showcases the hilarious vocal calls of rock hyraxes. 9. The title speaks for itself.  Botswana Will …

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christmas in Africa, lion

Seasons Greetings!

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biggest ivory bust, elephant conservation, conservation news

Twenty-Four Tonne Ivory Siezure a New Record

Africa’s elephant population is still taking a beating, as the latest ivory seizure in Malaysia confirms. On the 7 December, port authorities confiscated two containers of cargo declared as ‘wooden floor tiles’, after a tip-off that the containers were in fact an ivory haul. After a thorough search of the containers yesterday, the state customs …

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lions kills kudu

The 10 Best Wildlife Sightings of 2012

Africa Geographic has published and distributed some of the most amazing wildlife sightings during the course of the year. Here are 10 of the best…   1. Leopard Gets Quilled in the Kruger! “The leopard continued to try and attack the porcupine, while the porcupine defended himself by releasing quills at the frustrated leopard. This …

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dassie, rock hyrax

Stand-up comedians – listen to these dassies!

Listen to this.  It certainly had us laughing in the office! When I first heard that rock dassies (or rock hyraxes if you like) sing I will admit to reacting with a good deal of scepticism, if not downright disbelief. It’s not that I haven’t spent any time watching dassies, it’s just that, well, I …

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