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Hi, I’m Rach . If not adventuring in the African bush, the chances are I’m dreaming about it. My childhood played a big role in this passion as I was privileged to travel much of Southern Africa from an early age. Needless to say, I’m happiest barefoot with a sketchbook in hand – watching elephants at a water hole or listening to lions roaring around a campfire. Wildlife, children and storytelling are a big part of my life. Follow my adventures on my blog www.bushboundgirl.com
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What happened to Nicky the baby rhino?

We follow up with Nicky, the blind baby rhino that was featured on the last episode of BBC’s Africa series.

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Young scientist brings the ocean ashore in False Bay

We have the privilege of seeing the deep blue wilderness through the eyes of scientist Lauren De Vos. It’s hard to believe that Lauren grew up so far from the ocean, in the city of Johannesburg, one would sooner have believed that she was brought up with mermaids and seals.

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The importance of eating insects

A fascinating investigation into the cultural and economic importance of eating insects.

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My scientist fantasy – Biodiversity Southern Africa Conference 2013

It’s no secret that Africa is home to a startling variety of life. Learn about Africa’s fascinating creatures with the Biodiversity Southern Africa conference, hosted by UCT’s Department of Biological Sciences from the 2nd to the 7th of December 2013.

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Life without wings – Addo’s extraordinary dung beetles

Rachel Lang meets Addo Elephant Park’s flightless dung beetles, one of the rarest species of dung beetle.

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Himba happiness – lovable children and the colour of Africa

Rachel visits a Namibian Himba village and is immediately greeted by the joyful snotty-nosed children of one of the last surviving truly nomadic tribes on earth.

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The desert has eyes

Rachel embarks on Namibia’s Living Desert tour and discovers little weird and wonderful desert-adapted creatures in a seemingly dry and lifeless place.

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Secrets of the San

Namibia is an incredible country. I still have much to discover, but already I have been romanced by it’s rugged open plains and the feeling of wild freedom these expanses stir within me. It’s certainly an unusual kind of beauty. At first glance, much of Namibia can seem dry and lifeless, yet it really isn’t! …

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Cruising through colourful Katutura

Day one of Go Big Namibia took us on an exciting whizz-about tour through Namibia’s capital city, Windhoek, a vibrant place that is a blend of old and new – long-standing colonial churches built by early German settlers stand amongst bustling modern-day infrastructure. The city is safe to explore on foot, and, if you know …

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Namibia… here I come!!

That adrenalin-tingling anticipation when an adventure is just around the corner – it must be one of the best feelings in the world! On the 23rd of August I’ll be leaving for Namibia (my first visit to the country), taking part in ‘Go BIG Namibia’, a 10 day tour organised by Namibia Tourism Board to …

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