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Cape Town-born Peter Borchert has a career in publishing spanning four decades. He has travelled widely in Africa and has written extensively about the continent.
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10 great things to do and see on the West Coast

Right now is one of the best times of the year to explore South Africa’s West Coast. Reason? Spring in this part of the world comes in dramatic and very colourful fashion with the annual explosion of wildflowers that carpet the landscape in orange, yellow, pink, blue and white. I wrote about my travels in …

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Is walking with lions good conservation? Probably not.

Close encounters with Africa’s megafauna is an irresistible magnet for many tourists in Africa, and for some the closer the encounter the greater the thrill. So when a tourism operator offers the chance, for a fee, to ‘walk with lions’ it is no surprise that there is a steady flow of punters eager to do …

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Timbavati Rhino Challenge

Over the past couple of weeks the 57-year-old Timbavati Private Nature Reserve has fuelled the always volatile ‘hunting debate’ by deciding to conduct rhino hunts on its property. Africa Geographic founder Peter Borchert throws out a challenge. Timbavati is part of the Associated Private Nature Reserves (APNR) that include concessions offering clients both wildlife viewing/photographic …

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