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It may look like he's a full-time guide or a full-time photographer, but the truth is he's neither. Morkel Erasmus grew up with a love for the wild places and wild animals of Africa like many South Africans do. The problem is that he became obsessed with capturing their enigmatic beauty when he first picked up a camera. When he's not being a family man or working as an Industrial Engineer you can find him as far away from civilisation as possible...with a camera in hand. Morkel now leads safaris for Wild Eye in his spare time, and spends a lot of time sharing his knowledge and passion with others online. Check out more of his work at www.morkelerasmus.com
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rhino friday

Rhino Fridays

Original source. When I was approached to write a short post for Rhino Friday, I mused a bit about which angle I would take. Being an engineer by training I could dig up a mountain of research and overpower you with facts and statistics and hypotheses…yet I felt I would approach this from a more …

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impala and oxpecker

Ode to the Impala: a photo essay

So I’ve been thinking about what to write about on my first blog for Africa Geographic for about 2 months now…I’m normally overflowing with stuff to write about and share but this time I almost got ‘stage-fright’. Well, I’m over that now and I thought I would start off with something simple and graceful, instead of breaking down the …

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