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To combine in one person, a healthy dose of oestrogen and the ability to use a large calibre rifle accurately should only prove interesting! But guns and hormones generally don’t feature a huge amount when one’s passions primarily involve trees, birds, teaching and writing. Megan is best described as a naturalist with a creative bent and literary inclinations. With a conservation degree and years of guiding and training field guides in her background, she has a solid grounding in all topics natural. But her career has been more eclectic than the traditional “bush-whacker” and has involved, amongst other things, creative expression through both written and visual media. Currently, Megan is the Senior Producer on the 30-year old SABC 2 environmental TV programme 50|50 and her book “Game Ranger in your Backpack” has reprinted three times since its release two years ago. Megan is most at home behind her pair of 10x32 binoculars stalking an LBJ or snapping a macro shot of something obscure that someone else might have stepped over or passed by. When she’s not gallivanting in the bush for whatever reason, she is most probably enjoying a glass of Sauvignon Blanc in the company of her good friends or encouraging the keys of her Yamaha concert piano to produce a tune.
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At Home with Hyaenas

Some of the best fun to be had in the bush is a visit to an active hyaena den, the communal centre of these often-feared animals’ lives. The spotted hyaena is not everyone’s favourite bush critter and this much-maligned predator is often overlooked as an opportunity for entertainment and information. But when at home, the …

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Expect the Unexpected

What does an ancient sycamore fig have in common with a pride of feasting, feuding lions? At first glance, absolutely nothing. But on this particular occasion, both were completely unexpected and delightful finds. Our guide must have given us several strange glances in the few days that we spent bumbling around the Timbavati, wondering what …

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Cheetah in the waterberg

Encounters of the spotted kind

The sun at this time of the year in the Waterberg is irresistible and the warmth of it on our backs, coupled with the glass of wine over lunch, kept us all lingering on the deck well after our meal was finished. But soporific as we all felt, our small party were all on our …

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