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I left my native Spain, its great food, siestas and fiestas to become an ornithologist at the University of Cape Town and to start Tropical Birding, a company specialising in bird-watching tours worldwide. The past 11 years have seen me travel to over 60 countries in search of 5,000 plus bird species. Time passed, my daughter became convinced that I was some kind of pilot and my wife acquired a budgie for company – that’s when the penny dropped. Thrilled to join the Africa Geographic team, hardly contained in an office, I look forward to reporting on new and exciting travels, and continue to share the joy of birding and exploration.
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South Africa’s latest and largest rock art discovery

Follow our travel expert, Christian Boix, as he goes on a guided walk in the remote and forgotten Upper Tsitsana Valley in Southern Drakensberg to see South Africa’s latest and largest rock art discovery.

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A photographic safari at Kariega

Africa Geographic Travel recently hosted a 5 day photographic safari at the picturesque Kariega Game Reserve in the Eastern Cape of South Africa, here is feedback from the guests…

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The birth of a pangolin

This is Roxy, the most amazing mama pangolin in the whole world. She was wild caught and taken around a local town in a box, to be sold on the black market. A shop owner felt sorry for her and bought her. He then called a local wildlife organization which in turn called the Rare …

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11 Interesting Facts about Sociable Weavers

1. There are four subspecies: – Philetairus socius eremnus, living in the Orange River Valley; – Philetairus socius socius, inhabiting the S. Kalahari in NW Northern Cape and S. Namibia; – Philetairus socius xericus, roughing it in the Namibian escarpments; – Philetairus socius geminus, isolated from all other sub-species and thriving in Etosha and S. …

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Romping with Otters at Kariega Game Reserve

Truth be told there was nothing ominous about the morning as we duly kick-started it at 0600 am. The threat of rain seemed imminent, a leaden cloud slung low over Kariega’s contours and lazy mists rose from the grasslands below. Brendon Jennings, our guide, was bright eyed and bushy-tailed and as usual, eager as a …

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The 10 Most Remarkable Birds in Ghana

Here they are – the most interesting and sought-after birds in all of Ghana according to Africa Geographic travel director Christian Boix. For the opportunity to see these birds, join Africa Geographic’s unique birding expedition to Ghana. Enquire here.   1. White-necked Picathartes Bounds through the forest stealthily and effortlessly from one liana to the …

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Pels Fishing Owl spotted in Constantia, Cape Town

Wild Pel’s Fishing Owl sighted in Cape Town’s southern suburbs!

It was with great elation, intrigue and no shortage of skepticism that the news of a Pel’s Fishing Owl taking residence at a Newlands home endowed with a Koi Pond hit the Cape Town birding community. For those of you that don’t know, the closest Pels fishing owl habitat is in Zululand about 1300 km …

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pumpkin bird feeder, recycle

Recycle your halloween pumpkins, attract bird life and WIN!

On Halloween, I took the kids on a sugar binge and as I strolled past several creative pieces of cucurbit flair, I could not help wondering where they would end up in a few days or a week’s time. Not one who gels well with waste, I realised that many of our gardens would look …

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