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I am a part field guide, part photographer, part tiara-wearing South African based in the Timbavati Private Game Reserve adjoining the Kruger National Park. Over the past six years, I have really settled into life in the bush, and besides living out my childhood dream of being a game ranger, I have developed a passion for capturing the special moments of my daily life on camera. While I don’t think I will ever fully appreciate how fortunate I am to be out in the bush all the time, I do realise that I live the life many can only dream of. I take great pleasure in sharing my magical moments and stories with anyone who cares to listen, and have connected with people from all over the world through my photography. Please feel free to visit my daily blog or my photography page on facebook for updates from the bush.
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13 Things I Have Learnt About Photography

It has been a while since I have been here to share my stories, but I hope that you are all at least enjoying my Khaki Fever page in Africa Geographic magazine each month. The months between my last blog post and now have kept me very busy watching leopard cubs grow up, watching my …

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Dancing with Leopards: A Survivor’s Story

My last thought was “Oh $#!^, this is going to hurt”… But, the fact that I am now typing this from the comfort of my bed, and I am still in one piece means that, at least this time, I came off unscathed…At the very moment that the events were unfolding, I was not all …

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Africa Geographic magazine, © Chad Cocking

A pizza, a beer and a couple of white lions please

People come from all over the world to visit Africa, and in particular the ‘wilds of Africa’, to see for themselves a host of fierce creatures such as crocodiles, elephants, lions and, occasionally, tigers (yes, I regularly get asked if we are going to see tigers!). But the animal that my guests most frequently ask …

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Wildebeest in the Serengeti

Learning the collective nouns for African animals

I believe in unicorns, just not pangolins… I have a thing for trying to learn the collective nouns of animals (trying being the operative word), as some of them are just utterly ridiculous, and clearly concocted by English gentlemen with far too much time on their hands…or is it whiskey in their hands, I forget? …

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Leopard Timbavati South Africa

A love of leopards

I have just finished another shortened work stint in the Lowveld, and I realised two things:  firstly, winter is almost over and I am still wearing my short shorts (okay, it’s only a third of the way through, but I am trying to be positive here!) and secondly, I really do love leopards. And before …

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How Not To Kill Your Tracker!

Between tiaras and tears, I have probably done little to promote myself as being that hard-core, rugged, stereotypical ‘game ranger’ with a big gun, short shorts, and the world’s most impressive sock tan; which I guess is not the end of the world, as that would be a lie…well, except for the short shorts. As …

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lioness and cub

Real game rangers do cry

Having started out my debut blog post on Africa Geographic in a tiara, it wasn’t hard to come up with a topic that would lead to less ridicule than that; but that clearly would be taking the easy way out!  Instead, I have decided to write about something that one probably doesn’t often associate with …

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