About the magazine

ag_aug_00 Africa Geographic is a wildlife, conservation and travel magazine that showcases the animals, people and landscapes that make this continent so special. We communicate with readers, blog fans, twitter followers and Facebook devotees from all over the world, from our native South Africa (where the magazine is published) to Europe, the US and Asia – diverse people with diverse views, but all connected through a shared passion for Africa.

Every month, the magazine offers spectacular photography, inspiring articles and insightful interviews. We’re not afraid to confront the difficult issues (and there are enough of them), but there is also much to celebrate – Africa has some of the biggest, fluffiest, cutest, cuddliest, ugliest and scariest animals on the planet, and there are some incredible people doing incredible things to ensure that we will share our future with them.

Highlights from our August issue:

1. Castaways

With its weird and wonderful wildlife, Madagascar is ‘an awesome place for a naturalist photographer to have some fun’, says Dale R. Morris – and proves it.


2. ‘A’ is for ‘amazing’

And aardvark. And both words fit together remarkably well in one sentence. Yet what do we really know about Africa’s ‘earth pig’?


3. In the REDD

Although the downturn in the global economy may have caused carbon offsetting to lose favour to some degree, playing the carbon game could still be a saving grace for Africa’s vulnerable wildernesses.


4. Garden gems

Dazzling in their own right, Africa’s sunbirds go for brightly coloured flowers – and that makes for a winning combination in any garden.


5. Cynthia of the elephants

Synonymous with the elephants of Amboseli National Park, Cynthia Moss began what has become the longest-running study of the planet’s largest land mammal.


6. Serengeti to Stone Town

For those in the know, February is a good time to visit the Serengeti. Add a trip to Zanzibar and you’ve got the perfect Tanzanian adventure.


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